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Roundtable Forum on Think Tank Development and Public Opinion Communication for a New Era Held at NADS, RUC

On the morning of April 12, 2018, the Roundtable Forum on Think Tank Development and Public Opinion Communication for a New Era was held at National Academy of Development and Strategy (NADS), Renmin University of China (RUC)


Research Update

“Roundtable: 40 Years of China-U.S. Relations and Public Diplomacy” Successfully Held at RUC

RUC NADS Held the Monthly Conference on Macroeconomic Data Analysis (2018 December)

NADS Professor Yin Heng Won Outstanding Paper Award at the 4th China Public Finance Forum

RUC NADS Held “China's African Strategy and Studies” Lecture

RUC NADS Held “A Survey of National Commercial System Reform” Lecture

RUC NADS Held “China’s Industrial Policies: Retrospect, Reflection and Prospect” Lecture



Dec 24 2018


Russia-Europe relations

[CGTN] Russia-Europe relations in 2018: Ease in relations, b...

if U.S.-Russia relations are still tense, Russia-Europe relations will just continue to stumble along in 2019.

Dec 20 2018


Think Tank

[China Watch]Wang Lili:Chinese think tanks focusing on sol...

The innovation of Chinese think tanks will help reinvigorate traditional Chinese culture, contributing to the global cre...

Dec 17 2018


Sino-U.S. Relations

[CGTN] JIA Wenshan:A positive philosophy of ABCDE for Sino...

ABCDE in this context means the U.S. and China are advised to build an Alliance centering on Business (economic globaliz...

Dec 11 2018



[CGTN] Shi Huimin: China joining the WTO, a milestone in the...

Joining the WTO has greatly boosted China's trade with the rest of the world.


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